A Call to the Metaverse

In times of societal upheaval and conflict it is debilitating to think of what we can do as individuals to extend support to those in need.

In times of societal upheaval and conflict it is debilitating to think of what we can do as individuals to extend support to those in need. In 2022 as the world braces against the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impending crisis of climate change and armed conflicts that threaten national sovereignty, it is important to remember that we can all do something, whether individually or by collective action.

AR asset, Available on SuperWorld Mobile App

At SuperWorld we also acknowledge that the metaverse community, although still developing, is fully capable of realizing its goal of interoperability and collaboration through mobilizing against injustice and conflict in dire times. XR technology, blockchain and NFTs–while cutting-edge–are wasted without using them for the betterment of society and against societal injustice.

With this in mind, how can we leverage these technologies and mobilize the metaverse community to build a better world? For companies, it starts with understanding how we can make a positive social impact. It is not enough to build a community of digitally-minded individuals dedicated to decentralization and freedom without using its fruits to help real world communities. By doing research, partnering with reputable non-profit organizations and providing aid, we can ensure our impact is swift and genuinely felt by those in need.

Destruction in Kharkiv, Ukraine

In an age of disinformation, where the disadvantaged fall prey to overly biased news sources, augmented reality can facilitate clarity and truth. The future is no longer bound by the constraints of propagandistic television and print news, but is open to the advancements of geo-pinned location-focused news discoverable from anywhere in the world.

Destruction in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Beyond providing aid and utilizing immersive technology to spread awareness, metaverse organizations can also do their part to spotlight affected individuals and groups within their communities in support of their craft. With the case of Ukraine, SuperWorld is committed to uplifting community members by showing the world what is happening in Ukraine and to help spread the message of Peace and to Stop this War and Putin.

AR asset, Available on SuperWorld Mobile App

With this in mind, we invite SuperCitizens across the globe to download the SuperWorld Mobile App, open its asset library and anchor any one of our numerous AR assets in their local communities, spreading the word of support to Ukraine. This initiative, along with upcoming direct monetary donations by our organization are created with the goal of amplifying the voices of the voiceless in a time of injustice. By anchoring these messages around the world, including in areas where disinformation runs rampant, you are doing your part to dispel propagandistic falsities.

To get started:

1. Download the #SuperWorld mobile app:
2. Head to the asset library & explore any of the 16 assets in support of 🇺🇦
3. Anchor these assets in your local area to show your support!
4. Send us your pinned protest via social media!

Destruction in Sartana, Ukraine

The time to act is now. As individuals and a global community, the world needs our support to lift each other up and combat social and political injustice.The metaverse is an ecosystem teeming with talent, creativity and kindness, all of which should be activated during times of dire need.

Make sure to watch this space in the coming days for more information on how you can support our mission of building a better world and supporting the Ukrainian community.


Hrish Lotlikar

Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld