Building a Better World, Globally

January 2022 is off to a great start for both SuperWorld and the Metaverse as we continue to build a better world here on Earth

Whether travelling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the largest technology and innovation event in Latin America, or sponsoring a series of AR murals against social injustice in Nigeria, this week has been incredibly exciting for everyone at SuperWorld. 

Keep an eye out for weekly SuperWorld recaps from me where I look back at news from the past week and look ahead to new exciting projects coming soon! 

Strategic Partnership With 

Last week, SuperWorld also partnered with Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of publicly traded company, who will bolster their metaverse presence by investing up to USD $1 million on SuperWorld's virtual real estate platform. The partnership will further establish SuperWorld as a key platform in the growing world of virtual real estate, and reinforce initiatives by the Metaverse Group to become a leader in providing public market investors with exposure and access to the metaverse.

I’m thrilled that SuperWorld will be partnering with the Metaverse Group to leverage their world-class portfolio and create opportunities in the Metaverse to accelerate our vision of using AR/VR, AI, and blockchain to help build a better world.

Rio Innovation Week 

Using Augmented Reality, SuperWorld and BrasilNFT enhanced the conference experience (the largest technology and innovation event in Latin America) for both attendees and sponsors by implementing the location-based display, or  "anchoring" of digital images throughout the Jockey Club Brasileiro this past week. NFTs were included in the AR exhibit from the storied Brazilian sports club, Vasco De Gama who boast over 24 million supporters. 

Overall, the conference was a wonderful opportunity to share our mission of building a better world through the power of augmented reality and NFTs. Playing host to the first AR NFT art gallery in Brazil, we are thrilled to share innovative technology with the South American community and bring people together through the power of the metaverse. 

Left to Right: (Darrell Kong, Luciano Vassan and Hrish Lotlikar) 


At SuperWorld, our prime motivation is to make a difference here on Earth, IRL, which is why we’re delighted to sponsor and provide resources for Nigerian crypto and street-artist Amaremo Elaebi (“Eli the Great”) whose groundbreaking AR mural series, entitled “ARevolution: Crypto Art Against Social Injustice,” draws attention to state-sponsored violence in Lagos, in particular the massacre last year of a dozen protesters who were killed during a demonstration against police brutality and corruption. 

Launched this past week, #ARevolution has seen support from dozens of SuperWorld app users all over the world who have anchored Eli’s AR murals in solidarity from Austin to New York, and Santiago, Chile to Bonn, Germany, among others: