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VY.01 Superyacht

Today, the serious effects of climate change are so evident that they have extreme implications for all human activity. The Super Yacht VY.01 is an ambassador of a new, highly committed philanthropic spirit, which aestheticizes the idea of a technologically advanced, climate-neutral luxury item and conveys both a positive message and remains socially engaged.The buyer will own the complete concept design of the yacht and may commission the construction of the ship or any parts of the interior. As the initial minting of the NFT was done for the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, the location of VY.01 is within the Monaco Yacht harbor. However, the buyer can relocate the vessel anywhere on Earth within the SuperWorld app. Half of the funds raised from the sale will go towards a marine conservation organization, while all CO2 emissions caused by the minting and initial sale of the NFT will be compensated for by 3deluxe.