The Open Metaverse

Powerful Interoperability and Collaboration | Gateway to the Metaverse

As SuperWorld rings in 2022 with a host of new and exciting projects and possibilities, it is important to reflect on the Metaverse’s future potential as an open collaborative project.

In order to analyse this, we must first define the Metaverse and its components.

Conceptually we can define the Metaverse as the blurring of physical and digital boundaries in our daily lives. A highly expansive and limitless space, the Metaverse is many things. It is a decentralized economy existing outside of traditional fiat-based economies of the nation-state. It is a space for the creation of new and exciting virtual worlds in the concept of gaming. We can also think of the Metaverse as a place of multidirectional value. Organizations and individuals creating content within the Metaverse can see their work thrive in the digital space, all while providing consumers with tangible real world experiences. All in all, the Metaverse is all-encompassing and in constant evolution.

Beyond theoretical definition, crafting the Metaverse has fomented debate and ideological difference. Like any new societal endeavor, there are those who see it as a wonderland of endless possibility and some who see it as the dystopian breakdown of civilization. At SuperWorld, we see the Metaverse as a tool for community building, a space where interoperability and collaboration thrive, and a mechanism for building a better world. In order to achieve this, we are championing and upholding the tenets of an open metaverse, one that is not interested in closed economic visions of success but rather striving for synergy across platforms.

Aptly stated by Jamie Burke Founder & CEO of Outlier Ventures, “With time an open metaverse built on shared open-source protocols, open infrastructure, and a single unifying yet open financial system will erode, or ‘eat,’ and potentially replace closed platforms due to powerful network effects.” This statement, taken from the foundational paper “Reintroducing the Open Metaverse” makes the argument that first iterations of the metaverse were characterized by closed proprietary systems dependent on centralized control and shareholder dominance. While some organizations choose to continue this trajectory, at SuperWorld we look forward towards a more equitable future.

With this all in mind, what actionable steps can organizations take to ensure a positive evolution of the Metaverse? Firstly, sustaining DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and refocusing attention away from corporate governance is essential to maintaining communal control of our current ecosystem. Secondly, creating products with flexible utility that can be transferable and interoperational across multiple platforms is key to encouraging the convivial spirit of the open metaverse. At SuperWorld, we welcome a future where SuperCitizens can expand the utility of their land plots in their daily lives and populate their virtual worlds with products and assets from a variety of companies. As the Metaverse continues to develop and evolve, we expect it to pervade the lives of individuals all over the world. Ultimately, we wish to construct a metaverse that encourages upward social mobility, cultural growth and practical utility for all our SuperCitizens.

As Web3 develops and pervades every aspect of our modern world, it is also important to consider accessibility as a virtue and a goal of the open metaverse. It is estimated that as of 2022, approximately 80% of the world owns a smartphone. Although this is a robust figure, it doesn’t account for the lack of access to information regarding the metaverse and its complexities, nor does it account for the priorities and responsibilities of the everyday individual. As platforms dedicated to fostering an open and equitable internet, it is not simply enough to continue to onboard those with privilege and access to our interfaces and see their commerce grow. In continuing to build a better world at SuperWorld, we promise to dedicate ourselves to a more inclusive and holistic enterprise that uplifts all communities, therefore educating underserved peoples and onboarding the creative talents of the future.