The Future of Events In the Metaverse

This Spring we can look forward to more in-person events in the tech world.

This spring, and with the resurgence of in-person events in the tech community, I’ve been thinking about how Metaverse companies can streamline and maximize visitor experiences through immersive technology. Working synergistically with metaverse and blockchain tools, offline events can be improved exponentially through tools such as filtered maps, augmented reality educational resources, and virtual real estate branding opportunities.

As an attendee of such events, I know how frustrating it can be to fumble around with a list of places, names and events when orienting myself around a new conference. At SuperWorld we want to shift the status quo of this oftentimes clunky experience through our virtual real estate marketplace. Looking to the future, you can expect to utilize the SuperWorld platform to augment your event by opening up our map, isolating a filter for an event you’re attending and watching it come alive right on your computer screen. Utilizing our filter function, you can expect to receive real time event information geo-pinned to its respective location, brands affiliated with a particular showcase or panel, and extra educational resources all in one place. 

Additionally, SuperWorld landowners looking to get a leg up on this innovative approach can explore our map to snap up popular convention centers and conference locations to utilize for offline/online event activations. Some popular locations to explore include:

Finally, augmented reality has unlimited potential when it comes to enhancing events in the metaverse. At SuperWorld we look forward to augmenting future conferences, workshops, and networking events with geolocked information available through our mobile app. Going beyond our current reality, augmented reality is the perfect tool to boost any event experience and expand resources available to visitors. The future of events in the metaverse lies in our ability to exceed our expectations of what is possible and strive to provide excellent experiences for visitors whether online or offline. 

Looking forward to this week, you can check out SuperWorld at the Zen Business Inc Tech Startup Crawl at Capital Factory this Friday, March 11th during SXSW 2022! Throughout the crawl, you can visit the SuperWorld booth for a one-of-a-kind AR photo booth experience guaranteed to be interactive and fun! If you’re in Austin, Texas this weekend and are looking to learn more about the metaverse and SuperWorld, register via the link above.