SuperWorld and Sandstorm Media Join Forces to Bring Augmented Reality to the Masses

Miami, 29th March, 2023 - Sandstorm  and SuperWorld are excited to announce their partnership to revolutionize the way people experience the world around them. By combining Sandstorm's expertise in building high-quality virtual world experiences with SuperWorld's revolutionary augmented reality virtual world mapped to real world locations, the two companies aim to create an immersive and interactive experience that will captivate users and transform the way they perceive their surroundings.

SuperWorld is a pioneering platform that enables users to explore and interact with virtual objects seamlessly integrated into the real world. SuperWorld transforms any physical location into an interactive playground for creativity and discovery. From showcasing digital artwork on building facades to leaving any kind of digital content at specific locations, SuperWorld opens the door for users to discover, create, and monetize content (3D, 2D, audio) in augmented reality.

SandStorm is the go-to community for virtual worlds, landowners, and brands looking to develop a digital presence and discover builders that can help bring their ideas to life. Builders include artists and creatives who work on various platforms to build out the virtual world assets and platforms. Sandstorm Meetup's mission is to promote those building, push the digital landscape forward and bring the community together.

Together, Sandstorm and SuperWorld will create an augmented reality platform that will provide users with a new and exciting way to engage with the world around them. The partnership is an exciting development for both companies, and they are looking forward to working together building their virtual world.

"We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with Sandstorm, as we believe that our combined expertise and passion for innovation will unlock new possibilities in the augmented reality space. Together, we aim to grow our SuperCitizen community creating immersive experiences that will enable them to create, discover and monetize anywhere in the real world and redefine the way people interact with the world around them" said Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder & CEO of SuperWorld. 

About SuperWorld -

SuperWorld is the virtual world mapped onto the real world that opens the door for users to discover, create, and monetize content (3D, 2D, audio) in augmented reality. SuperWorld's virtual real estate system allows users to buy virtual plots of land anywhere on Earth and become key stakeholders on Magma through real-world locations. SuperWorld’s mission is to enhance people’s real lives and to leverage metaverse technologies (immersive tech, web3 and AI) to  improve the physical world and benefit humanity.

About Sandstorm 

Sandstorm  is a leading community for virtual worlds, landowners, and brands looking to create a digital presence and discover builders capable of bringing their visions to life. With a focus on promoting the advancement of the digital landscape, Sandstorm Media Inc connects agencies and brands with talented builders, artists, and creatives working on various platforms. 

Press Contacts:

SuperWorld: Zaid Khan,