SuperCitizen Stories

Land Acquisition Strategy in Practice

Entering the world of metaverse real estate can be a daunting task for anyone. Whether you are an IRL real estate maven, or an individual dipping their toes into the world of NFTs and virtual real estate, here are two case studies to help inspire your land acquisition strategy:

Global Airports: Alex Potter’s SuperWorld Land Strategy

Every day, SuperCitizens are developing interesting land acquisition strategies that revolve around specific types of themed land around the world. In a recent land owner interview, Alex Potter, a SuperCitizen interested in airports, detailed his reasons for creating such a portfolio. 

Speaking to his strategy Potter explained “Airports… are one of the heaviest trafficked areas in the world today; They’re open 24/7; They’re a time sink for people that go travel… and just the commerce that happens within the airports I think you’ve got unlimited micro transactions there for future investments or advertisement etc.” By purchasing global airports exclusively, Potter has cemented a portfolio of specialized land ripe with opportunity for future monetization. 

Through his research and planning Potter selects plots of SuperWorld real estate that appeal to commercial possibility and future microtransactions in the metaverse. As we unveil our upcoming monetization feature,  If you’re looking to unlock similar potential as a SuperCitizen, check out our interview with Potter for more information or just jump in and buy some land ! 

Metaverse Architecture: Michael Potts’ SuperWorld Land Strategy

Some SuperCitizens take a more developmental approach to virtual real estate. Take Michael Potts of M2 Studio VR. Speaking recently to Devon Vert of SuperWorld, Potts detailed his land acquisition strategy stating “I thought: ‘I’ll just go ahead and buy the land right now that seems like it’s nothing or there’s nothing special going on with it because I know that in a year or two or three, there’ll be a brand new multi-billion dollar airport or a multi-billion dollar convention center.” 

In purchasing unnamed street plots in SuperWorld, lobbies of art museums, iconic works of architecture and even ski resorts, Potts’ has diversified his portfolio and looks to the future of the metaverse when deciding his virtual real estate investment. With over 105 NFT plots, Potts’ strategy will allow him to utilize his skills as a metaverse architect to build out these locations in the future with AR/VR technology. 

Always thinking two steps ahead, Potts stated “I’m thinking about this from the perspective of sculptures of interactive art, AR, multimedia, interactive… I could put some really cool interactive art that people with the SuperWorld app can come up there and take a look at and check it out, get their photographs with it… and there’s opportunities for advertisement there and monetization and games.” In integrating both our virtual real estate platform and the SuperWorld augmented reality app, Potts is envisioning the full potential of his plots by going beyond land acquisition and straight to interactivity, monetization and gamification. If you’re a metaverse professional like Potts and wish to cultivate a portfolio of diverse virtual real estate, check out our interview with him here. Unlock the potential of your purchased virtual real estate and accrue revenue from activity on your NFT plot!

Dynamic Land Acquisition: Secrets to Success in SuperWorld

Now that we’ve showcased some unique SuperWorld virtual real estate portfolios, here are some general tips for land acquisition! 

  1. Get creative and actively participate in the SuperWorld ecosystem!
  1. Once you’ve purchased land, make a plan! Whether it is relisting and selling a hot location to a fellow SuperCitizen or planning an AR/VR activation within the location make sure to get creative. 
  1. Choose locations that you are passionate about!
  1. Whether you’re choosing a trending property with future monetization potential or a sentimental location that has personal significance, make sure you’re acquiring virtual locations that mean the world to you! 
  1. Connect with fellow Land Owners! 
  1. Using our virtual real estate messaging platform, make sure to connect with fellow SuperCitizens to build together, grow your community, make new friends and icreate the future!