Gateway to the Metaverse

Monthly Memos from Hrish Lotlikar

Hello  #TeamSuperWorld🌎❤️:

As Founder and CEO of SuperWorld I am pleased to introduce our Super Citizens to a monthly series, Gateway to the Metaverse! Every month I will acquaint our community with updates and opinions on what’s happening in the expansive metaverse, and hopefully inspire discussion and debate on this ever-evolving space. 

I am inspired to create this Gateway to the Metaverse series because I want to familiarize our community on how SuperWorld (and others) can leverage emergent technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to improve our real lives, and help to build a better world both in the Metaverse and right here on Earth.

I see this gateway as ultimately a tool to enhance our Super Citizens' real lives. We’re focused on what our community is doing in the real world and how we can empower them and allow them to create, discover and monetize anything anywhere and own their world. As members of Team SuperWorld, I hope our community will see this initiative as a catalyst for conversation and a space to bounce ideas off of one another to make a positive impact.  

Head to our blog on SuperWorld every month to dive deep into trending topics and explore new insights from me!

Thank you!

All the best,

Hrish Lotlikar

Co-Founder and CEO, SuperWorld