Bitski & SuperWorld

Bitski & SuperWorld Partner to Streamline Metaverse Transactions

Sales of virtual real estate in the Metaverse have slowly been on the rise, but this summer, the Web3 community in SuperWorld is primed for digital assets like NFT real estate to take off. This is why SuperWorld is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Bitski to integrate their digital wallet with our platform.

Whether you’re a seasoned virtual land baron or a newcomer to SuperWorld, you can use the Bitski wallet to safely and quickly convert fiat to crypto within SuperWorld’s virtual real estate map interface. By selecting “Add Funds with Bitski” SuperCitizens who prefer to purchase crypto without the hassle of a currency exchange can get an inside track on the virtual real estate market sooner than later.  

With this integration, SuperCitizens (regardless of familiarity with blockchain tech) can streamline their NFT and virtual land purchases through Bitski Wallet, a digital commerce layer that’s fast, secure and accessible to anyone, through: 

  • A hardware-backed wallet that users and developers can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Metaverse compatibility and seamless integration with games and social media.
  • Single sign-on and easily-recovered keys and passwords that never leave the hardware.

“Our partnership with Bitski is a game-changer,” says SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO Hrish Lotlikar. “By giving SuperCitizens an easier way to access crypto and Web3 tools, this integration reinforces our mission to serve as the Gateway to the Metaverse, and allows for both creativity and commerce to flourish on our platform.”

“The Bitski partnership with SuperWorld speaks to our core mission of making the metaverse easy and interoperable. Our flagship product, Bitski Wallet, enables anyone to become a SuperCitizen, regardless of previous crypto experience. We’re excited to see this integration bring newcomers to SuperWorld and give existing users a safe, simple wallet option,” said Bitski’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Mike Gubman.

To get started in SuperWorld using the Bitski wallet, visit here.