SuperWorld chooses Props to power its loyalty token

The NFT platform is joining the Props Network, serving over 9 million users...

SuperWorld, the virtual world in augmented reality that allows users to buy and sell virtual real estate anywhere on Earth as NFTs, today announced it is integrating Props as its loyalty token. The integration will enable SuperWorld users to unlock benefits within SuperWorld and its upcoming NFT marketplace, and to gain a financial stake in the ecosystem they participate in.

SuperWorld was founded in 2017, and with the rise in popularity of NFTs, the platform has now been gaining mainstream adoption. SuperWorld virtual real estate lets you stake a claim on over 64 billion virtual plots of land geographically mapped onto Planet Earth. Each plot of land in SuperWorld is a 100m x 100m polygon that corresponds to real-world space.


SuperWorld has digitally mapped the globe into over 64.8 billion plots of virtual real estate that can be bought, sold, and collected as NFTs. A stretch of the High Line in Manhattan is on the market for 333 ETH ($704,767, as of 4/6/21)

The platform uses the ERC-721 standard of tradable assets, meaning that each plot is characterized by its digital scarcity as a collectible and wholly unique asset to buy, sell, trade, or hold. When a user buys property in SuperWorld, they acquire a unique and irreplicable piece of the Ethereum blockchain, along with monetization opportunities from digital commerce (NFTs), e-commerce, gaming, and advertising activity on their respective properties.

In addition, SuperWorld provides ways for its users, also known as SuperCitizens to give back to the real world through any of their activities in SuperWorld. For example, as a user progresses in the app, SuperWorld will contribute to the different causes that the user can pick from.

SuperWorld is expected to be the seventh app to launch on Props, joining YouNow, PalTalk, Camfrog, Listia, Tegger and Roomi as valued members of the Props ecosystem.

Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder of SuperWorld says: “We believe that all users of SuperWorld should share in the value that is created on the platform by their activity. By integrating Props as a loyalty token, we are providing active community member benefits and a financial stake in the network they help create.”

Adi Sideman, Co-Founder of the Props Public Benefit Corporation adds: “We are big believers in the Metaverse vision that Hrish and the SuperWorld team are building and we are happy they chose Props as their loyalty token. Props integration into an NFT world and marketplace is an exciting next step for the Props ecosystem.”

Using Props in SuperWorld

In the near future, SuperWorld will launch their NFT Salon, a marketplace where virtual items like digital art, music, fashion, avatars, collectables (including 3D/animation/2D/video//text) can be traded.

Upon the launch of the Props token, contributors to SuperWorld and its NFT Salon marketplace will be rewarded for actions such as login streaks, connecting a wallet, minting, buying and selling NFTs, and more. Users, in turn, will be able to unlock SuperWorld benefits, such as bonus NFTs and more.

About SuperWorld

SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR). The SuperWorld virtual real estate platform takes the form of 64.8 billion non-fungible tokens (NFT) corresponding to real world space, from historical landmarks like the Great Wall to natural wonders like the Great Lakes and other iconic or personally meaningful locations. Any user in SuperWorld - from content viewers and collectors to developers and marketers - can buy and sell virtual real estate on the platform, with every plot of unowned property starting at 0.1 ETH.

Notable investors and advisors include: Draper Goren Holm, SOSV, Capital Factory and Altered Ventures, Stephen Wolfram (creator of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha), Bob Metcalfe (Inventor of Ethernet & Metcalfe’s Law), Robert Scoble (author, futurist), Phil Rowley (Head of Futures at Omnicom Group) and Nitin Gaur (Head of Digital Assets at IBM).

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About Props

Props is a leading platform for deploying and bootstrapping community tokens, allowing apps to increase user loyalty and financial alignment, and add a new revenue stream. Over 9 Million users are holding Props across multiple apps, each with millions or hundreds of thousands of monthly active users.

Props investors include Union Square Ventures, Borderless Capital, Venrock,, BlockTower Capital, Algorand, Nirvana Capital, CoinFund, Zeev Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Spice VC, Lvna Capital, GSR, Hashed and the Group.

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